Helping you plan for a happy retirement

We're always looking for ways to help IET members and soon we'll be running a pilot retirement planning workshop. We are hoping that this workshop will help future retirees to plan for their future, not just financial but also to plan the other big changes; lots of extra free time, how to manage you day when you don't have the routine of getting up and going to work, your change in status etc. There are lots of things which we don't give much thought to before we retire but are very important.

We subsidising the cost but are asking for a donation of £40. Places are limited so book now.

We are hoping that these preventative courses will mean that you will be happier and more secure in retirement and less likely to need support from us. We will of course still be here if you need us.

To find out more, and to book you place take a look at our Pre-retirement workshop page