Summer appeal 2015

We need your help. The families of your fellow IET members need your support and we can only continue to assist them with your help. Please give what you can and help change the lives of your fellow engineers.

Engineering a solution

211X85 Donate Tcm31 9974Every year we get requests for support from families like the Hudsons. With your help we can give children like Thomas the best possible start in life and help them to reach their potential.

Make a donation today and help change a life.

"The support from IET Connect has been simply life-changing. I can’t even put into words the difference their help has made."

When you have a child with a disability nothing is simple, everyday tasks needs to be planned with military precision. Equipment is needed to help with walking, bathing, travelling and playing. Even the simplest items can cost hundreds of pounds.


Every year we help around thirty families who have young family member with a disability. Our support supplements any support provided by state and local authorities, which is often limited or may not be available at all.

We are able to focus on what is needed now, investing in futures and improving the development and quality of life for whole families.

With your help we can make a real difference.

You can hear from some of the people we have helped by visiting the Your Stories section of the website.

"I'd hate to think where we would be  if we hadn't got the help from IET Connect when we did. I am not sure we'd have coped."

Ways to make a donation

12_tommy_bubblesThere a various ways you make a donation to support IET Connect.

 211X85 Donate Tcm31 9974


Over 1000 IET members and their families are supported by IET Connect each year.


If you're an eligible UK taxpayer, please say yes to Gift Aid. It is very easy to do it doesn't cost you a penny more but we get an extra 25% on top of your donation.

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Over the past five years the amount of support provided has increased by 58%.

Remember us in your will

Leaving a legacy to IET Connect is very easy; it only takes a small amendment to your will but could make a real difference to someone in need.

Your stories