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Caring for a loved one can be tough but you're not alone, meet some of the carers we support.

"Jeff and I were having such fun, doing things together after we’d retired. But when he had two strokes, our lives were turned upside down. I felt isolated, alone and like no one understood. Without IET Connect, I could have tipped over the edge.

One day, I was sorting through Jeff’s things when I found his IET membership card and a leaflet about IET Connect. Plucking up the courage to call them was a turning point. The lady on the helpline listened and said she thought they could help us. I was stunned because I didn’t know anything about IET Connect."

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If you would like to speak to a member of the IET Connect team to find out how we could help you. Get in contact today.

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"When I first heard the words ‘cerebral palsy’, it didn’t sink in. I didn’t even know what it was. Our son, Thomas was just 20 days old at the time. He’s three now, and the cerebral palsy means he can’t sit, stand or walk independently.

It was really straightforward to apply to IET Connect. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who got what we were striving for and wanted to achieve. I don't know where we’d be without IET Connect – we’d definitely be struggling."

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"Derek used to work in the electronics industry but he has not been able to for around 20 years now because of physical and mental health problems. Then in May 2011 he was diagnosed with cancer, which was a terrible shock.

Asking for help can be a barrier that’s difficult to get over. But I’d encourage anyone not to be embarrassed and to get in touch. They’re very willing to support people in difficult situations. You might find when you phone that you’re eligible for a lot more than you expect. They can make a real difference to your life – they’re wonderful."

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"You hear stories about other people’s parents getting frail and needing care. But until you’re in that situation yourself, you don't realise how deeply dispiriting and stressful it can be.

I believe that if we hadn’t had the help from IET Connect, my health would have broken down from the strain of managing my parents’ situation on top of holding down my full-time job and looking after my own family. Talking to them was such a hugely significant factor in turning a corner. I finally thought, ‘Maybe we can manage this after all’."

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"Martha is quadriplegic. She is deafblind, breathes through a ventilator and is fed through a tube. She spent the first two and a half years of her life in Bristol Children’s Hospital.

We heard about IET Connect when a postcard came through the door. We've always paid into the benevolent fund, naively thinking it was more for retired engineers. Something triggered me to call the number on the card and it was so lovely to speak to someone who wanted to help."

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Claire is one of IET Connect's Caseworkers.

When you contact IET Connect you will get through to a Caseworker who will be with you throughout your time with us. They will be there to answer any questions you may have, will guide you through the simple application process if you need financial support and will always be there if you need to talk.

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"As a carer, you're constantly thinking and planning. You have to remember everything for two people. You're trying to deal with your own emotions, the sadness, which keeps hitting you, not every day, but regularly. It's sometimes difficult to deal with everything all of the time. I find it helps to talk to someone about how you feel.

I would say ‘Do it, don't hesitate’ to anyone whose thinking of calling IET Connect. You're talking to people who are very understanding, and the support that they offer makes all the difference in the world."

Find out more about June and Jeff

How we can help 

Some of the things we might be able to fund for you and the person you care for include:

  • Home care and extra help at home
  • Respite care to give carers a break
  • Therapeutic activities and time out for young carers
  • Vehicle adaptations to make getting out and about easier home adaptations for safety and independence
  • Lifeline alarms and other equipment
  • Free telephone legal advice on managing someone else's affairs, including lasting power of attorney

There are lots of organisations in the UK who support carers and their families, details of these on the carers' charities page.

Contact us today to find out how we could help you.

It’s easy to take the first steps to getting support. Call us on +44 (0)20 7344 5498 or send us a message via the website.

Feeling that you’re not on your own, that someone understands your situation, it’s just as important as the financial help, perhaps more so.

Why struggle alone? Pick up the phone and talk to us today.

The support has improved her life immeasurably. Martha has a richer experience of day-to-day life because of IET Connect.


There are lots of organisations in the UK who support carers and their families.

They can help you find support in your local area.

Find out more about carers charities

"My hope for the future is just that Thomas can be the best he can be. No one can tell us what he will and won’t be able to do when he’s older. But everyone agrees early intervention is key. We’ve been able to do so much more thanks to IET Connect.

As a carer you can feel isolated. It’s so important to know that there are other people in your situation and that there’s help out there. I’d say to anyone who can, contact IET Connect – it could really change your life."

Find out more about Jo and Thomas