IET knowledge resources

As a member of the IET you have access to an incredible range of resources. These include a library, archives, events, journals, magazines, books and a community of engineers from around the world.

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Knowledge resources

IET Library and Archives

Offers access to a world-class collection of printed and digital resources on all areas of engineering and technology containing 65,000 printed books and 3,500 print journals.  Additional member benefits include the library loan service, Virtual Library access, library research service and the Archives.

IET Digital Library

A global repository of science, engineering and technology content that holds over 190,000 technical documents including 400 eBooks, over 1,300 conference publications and over 70,000 journals.  IET Knowledge Packs provide a flexible way to access this valuable content at an article or chapter level.  IET members receive 5 free Knowledge Pack downloads each year of membership with the option to purchase further packs of 25 downloads for £25.

IET Events

The IET runs over 1,500 conferences, seminars and events each year providing boundless opportunities for networking and keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. Every event is an opportunity to learn from some of the most influential people in your field and to share your views with other professionals.

If you can’t get to our events, you can log on to and watch live or archived event footage.  With over 5,000 multimedia presentations available on demand, you can keep up with the latest developments online.

E&T Magazine

E&T is the award-winning monthly magazine for all engineering professionals, available in print, online and on tablet.  Visit the E&T website to view the latest E&T Webinars, sign up for E&T daily news or access our White Papers.

Journals and Books

The IET has an ever expanding programme of internationally renowned research journals with 20% discount available to members.  All our journals are available online via the Digital Library. If you are looking for new perspectives and technical developments, IET Books in print and eBook format cover all the key areas of engineering and technology.


We have over 100 local and technical communities delivering a wide range of activities such as lectures, seminars, technical visits and webinars for the purpose of tackling the engineering challenges of the 21st century and raising public awareness about engineering.

You can gain access to all these communities online via MyCommunity, the IET’s online social media site for professional networking and collaboration.


Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills, build your professional profile and shape the future of the profession. The IET offers flexible roles to suit all levels of skills, experience and time commitment.

Having benefited from the wonderful support IET Connect gave me, I want to give back to my community and become a mentor for young engineers. I’d like to offer career guidance and would encourage people to join the oil and gas industry. I plan to study more, there’s always more to learn.

Richard, Ghana


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