Your stories

You are at the heart of everything we do. We will do all we can to help and support you and other IET members through the tough times.

Here are some of your stories.


Support during illness

“My life changed dramatically when I found out I had cancer. My children, who I adore, were up in Scotland with my ex-wife. I was alone, unwell & getting quite depressed."

David's story


Support following redundancy

“When I was made redundant, I thought my career was over. I felt desperate & without IET Connect, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my dreams."

Richard's story

Steve & Sally

Support after an accident

“Sometimes, as a man, you feel you shouldn’t get help from anyone, but you have to be honest with yourself if you really do need help."

Steve's story


Support for a family

“I remember trying to help my daughter do her maths homework & thinking ‘I wish my husband was here, he could do this’. We used to share all of those kinds of things."

Maiba's story


Support to care for parents

"When she said ‘I think we can help you’, I could hardly believe it. It was the first positive thing I’d heard during such a difficult time."

Susan's story

Maureen & Derek

Support for a carer

“It must seem like a small thing. Most people have at least one at home these days. But replacing our broken computer made such a difference to Derek's life."

Maureen's story


Support to complete education

“I’ve always been interested in knowing how things work & used to read electronics books when I was growing up in Nairobi. I was determined to become an engineer."

Stephen's story

Kim & Martha

Support for a disabled child

"I remember Martha’s amazing smile. She had sand in her hands, sea air on her face & could hear her sister playing. It was our first family holiday together."

Kim's story